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Das Apex V1 Performance Hydrofoil ist ein unglaublich sauber und edel verarbeiteter, reiner Allrounder. Es wurde primär für Kite Foiling mit endlosem Potenzial für Freeride-Cruising, Jumping und Carving in Wellen wie Flats entwickelt.

Das Apex Hydrofoil passt perfekt zu unserem neuen Apex-Board, beide sind extrem strapazierfähig, gut durchdacht und aus erstklassigen Materialien gefertigt.

The Apex hydrofoil perfectly matches with the Apex board, both are designed and built ultra tough using top of the line materials and construction techniques.Front Wing LA1200:
The LA1200 has a low aspect ratio with a generous amount of sweep making the wing alive to ride while being super stable. The self-righting moment produces a huge amount of pitch stability. Hours of CFD allowed us to design a unique section profile with a high lift to drag ratio and late stall point. The LA1200 takes off early, keeps you up foiling at low speeds and can still go relatively fast for a 1200cm2 sized wing – our team riders have pushed it up over 25kts. A carbon fiber layup around a lightweight foam core with a full carbon monolithic centre section provides a light and strong platform.Rear Wing MA315:
The MA315 is designed to produce a balanced amount of pitch control and speed. It features a medium aspect ratio with 315cm2 area, with side winglets helping to control yaw movement. The wing is built light and strong using a full carbon fiber layup.

Mast 90cm:
Our unique mast construction features a hybrid core using a combination of high-density foam polymer and wood – during our R&D process we found this was the optimum combination for incredible shear strength to weight ratio. The lamination is comprised of a Quadraxial Carbon fiber matrix with high modulus epoxy resin creating superior rigidity in flex and in torsion. The tapered outline adds extra strength without compromising speed. A slotted baseplate design allows easy fitting to the board. Titanium Barrel Nuts embedded in the mast provide durability and maximum strength at the mast to fuselage connection.

Fuselage 68cm:
Constructed for maximum stiffness and strength from a full carbon mono block. Our unique Beamed Tuttle Box design increases strength at the mast to fuselage connection. Titanium Barrel Nuts embedded in the fuselage provide durability and maximum strength at the front and rear wing connections.

Surface finish:
All carbon parts are finished with an ultra high quality hydrophobic coating used in performance marine environments such as Americas Cup racing yachts. This unique coating provides UV protection to the carbon laminate and an optimum surface finish, laboratory test results show a 15% less drag coefficient compared to a high gloss surface.Titanium Hardware:
All screws and barrel nuts are CNC machined from GR5 Titanium with a Torx head fitting, guaranteeing zero corrosion and ultimate strength. Each complete Apex V1 foil is supplied with a Torx Key.Rear Wing Shims:
Rear Wing Shims are for experienced riders looking to adapt the speed, stability and maneuverability to their personal preference. These fit between the Rear Wing and Fuselage to adjust the AOA (angle of attack) of the Rear Wing. The Apex V1 complete foil kit includes -0.5deg, -1deg and -1.5deg shims.

The Apex V1 Rear Wing MA315 is factory set at the most stable configuration without a shim to provide incredible pitch and roll stability at slow to medium speeds, combined with enough front foot pressure to assist in learning maneuvers.

In general the performance effects of using negative degree shims to reduce the AOA are:

  • increased top end speed and glide performance
  • front foot pressure decreased, back foot pressure increased
  • decreased pitch stability

The higher the degree value, the greater the effects will be. We recommend starting with the -0.5deg shim, then decreasing the AOA progressively with the -1deg and then -1.5deg to feel the effects and find your preferred setting.

Entry level to intermediate riders – if you feel too much front foot pressure, before fitting a shim to adjust the rear wing AOA, we recommend first adjusting the position of your foil on the board by moving the mast backwards. This will reduce front foot pressure without deceasing stability of the foil

Protective Covers:
The Apex V1 foil kit comes complete with protective covers for the Mast, Front Wing and Rear Wing. Constructed with high quality materials, padded foam layers and velcro closures. The Mast cover includes a pocket for storing the Torx tool, screws and Rear Wing Shims.


  • Hydrofoil Apex Kitesurf V1
    • Hydrofoil Apex V1 Front Wing Low Aspect 1200 with cover
    • Hydrofoil Apex V1 Rear Wing Medium Aspect 315 with cover
    • Hydrofoil Apex V1 Mast 90cm with cover
    • Hydrofoil Apex V1 Carbon Fuselage 68cm with cover

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